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Establish Eligibility

The official registration will commence in Summer/Fall 2020. For now, please indicate your preliminary interest here to help the organizers gauge interest levels.

All attendees must answer “yes” to the following statements:

  • Teaching and practicing the Dharma is a significant life and time commitment for me.
  • The majority of my students reside in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and/or New Zealand.
  • By October 2021, I will have been teaching the Dharma for 5 years or longer, with the above life and time commitment, and students in the above regions. Or, I am a newer teacher, who identifies as a person of color and/or veteran, and will attend with a sponsoring teacher, as allowed given the 2021 conference diversity initiative.
  • I am proficient enough in English to be able to actively participate in the gathering without requiring translation.

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