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Program starts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 and ends Sunday, October 24, 2021.

Who is it for?

Like you, this gathering is for those teaching Dharma, as a significant life and time commitment, to westerners and/or to immigrant communities in the west (English competency necessary).

Where is it located?

The Gathering will be fully online.


An engaging, interactive and inclusive gathering supportive of a new depth of connection, authenticity, exchange and peer learning. A multitude of teachers, inclusive of: various ordinations and lay teachers, all lineages, teachers of color and teachers of Asian Buddhist congregations, a spectrum of gender and sexual identity, multiple generations, teachers working in a variety of contexts and using different modalities (from traditional Buddhist to more secular approaches).

Facing Truth: Love, Equity & Justice on the Path of Awakening

This gathering’s theme, Facing Truth: Love, Equity & Justice on the Path of Awakening, will explore themes important to Dharma Teachers everywhere during our modern times. Themes such as how to build healthy Dharma communities, how to develop and maintain integrity as a teacher, how to gain right livelihood as a teacher in the West, how to support and embody ecological sustainability, the growing need for female Dharma teachers, the growing need for Teachers of Color, The richness of the Traditions, the next phase of Dharma in the West, Dharma going global, Dharma going online, and many, many others.

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